Lily Allen gives hot blowjob on cam

October 19th, 2016

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If you think Lily Allen looks damn hot with her new ink and sexy piercings, wait ’til you get to see this leaked POV clip of hers. It’s a kinky Lily Allen pleasuring some horny dude with a fine big dick and the sight simply burns. Seems to me that Allen has done this in public before that she’s all too comfortable sucking on a cock while getting filmed. But, hell, she is a celebrity and used to the spotlight so it’s not too surprising how at ease she is while giving head on cam.

Naughty Lily sucks and fucks with hubby at home

June 6th, 2016

Hot blowjob and fuck session at home

Singer song-writer Lily Allen has a lot of time in her hands the past days as she takes a leave from all her work duties. And while away from the camera, she and her shy hubby make their own lil movie and watch it afterwards too. This is the most fun of all the things she gets to watch, Allen confesses, and you’ll see why. Teasing her husband while in her favorite nerdy look, she takes out her juicy juggs from her top and started giving hot head. You’d make our moaning and panting sounds, which will surely make your cock stiff and that cunt wet.

Spreading her legs, she fingers her pussy and motions her man to stick his shaft inside her. She gets banged on the couch and then rides her hubby like a wild cowgirl. She’s got some nice ass on her and it’s easy to be tempted to stuff your dick inside her bunghole too when you see something as meaty and smooth. They fuck hard and rough until finally the fired up husband explodes his load right on Lily’s flushed face. She licks him off clean, just as always.

Lily Allen: Sexy Troublemaker

July 26th, 2010

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Due to her outspokenness, Lily Allen has been the subject of many controversies. The sexy singer’s disparaging remarks about musicians Luke Pritchard of The Kooks, Bob Geldof, Amy Winehouse, Kylie Minogue,  and Katy Perry have all garnered minor press attention. Lily later said that making fun of other pop stars was a result of a lack of confidence, saying “I felt like ‘Oh God, I’m short, fat, ugly and I hate all these people who flaunt their beauty.’”

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Photos of Lily Allen drunk and topless in the Cannes Film Festival were also widely covered in the press. Lily’s appearance at the 2008 Glamour Awards also generated criticism, as she showed up intoxicated with a dress depicting decapitated Bambi figures, and had an on-stage, expletive-laced exchange with Elton John.  Lily has shown her third nipple on television. This British hottie says she feels like she has become a drunk character in a comic. “I wish my comic character wasn’t that, but there’s nothing I can do.” In  an interview with MTV UK, Lily commented on a feud with Katy Perry, saying that nothing was actually going on. And as for her penchance for prancing around naked, she says in a magazine interview: “They’re just tits”  LilyAllen revealed she has been flashing people for years partially because of her aversion to bras.

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